The MINI ONE is the smallest head of the ONE series but sound and quality remain the same as in the whole ONE series.
A 3-band equalizer will allow you to sculpt the sound according to your needs but that’s not all: you can choose 2 frequencies for the mids, and the deep and bright filters will allow you to add punch and / or definition to the equalization.
The headphone output and the aux-In allows you to connect an external sound source (Tablet, Smartphone) and play wherever you are.
The D.I. of the GR ONE series, recognized as one of the best, is perfect for use in professional contexts both live and in the studio.
There is no reason not to have a MINI ONE!


350W RMS 4 ohm, 170W RMS 8 ohm


Dimensions: W16,5 x D22 x H5 cm - W6,5 x D8,66 x H1,97 inch

Weight: 1,3 Kg - 2.87 lbs


black, white

Front panel

- Input

- Aux In

- Low

- Mid

- High

- Gain

Front panel

- Headphone

- Master

- Pre/Post

- Deep

- mid Freq 400/800hz

- Bright

- Mute

Rear panel

- Input 230-115v (auto selectable)

- DI Output

- Speakon

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