In ear


In ear

Designed to satisfy even the most demanding players, the GR in-ears are comfortable, light, and powerful. High attention to sound detail with particular attention to low frequencies which are always the part that is difficult to manage. In-ears GR Bass, not just for bass players.

Two models of the universal series will support the custom models, where it will be possible to obtain customization both in the form and in the choice of the number, type of driver and response.
The full range own two In Ear earphone models, with different drivers.

Model i4

- 2+2 drivers

- Sensitivity : 103 kHz

- Impedance: 24Ω - 1KHz

- Frequency respond:20-20KHz

- Rated watts: 2mW

- Max watts: 5mW

Model i6

- 3+3 drivers

- Sensitivity :104dB 1KHz

- Impedance: 24Ω - 1KHz

- Frequency respond: 20-20KHz

- Rated watts:2mW

- Max watt: 5mW