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Graphite is designed by Acustica with GR Bass and N4 library developer SoundDrops. This is the first Acqua Plugin product in VST, VST3, AAX, AU format fully dedicated to the needs of bassists and is without a doubt one of the most authentic sounding bass amp plugins that you will find on the market today.

Thanks to its intuitive single-screen interface, whatever musical style you are playing, fingerstyle, pick or slap, this plug-in will adapt, providing you with the pure sound and punch of the GR Bass ONE head and the AT 212 cabinet, for a huge amount of ultra-solid bass tones ready for any genre!

The Elfo Studio Recording with its high-profile functional design offered a really interesting live room with excellent acoustics and a natural and balanced reverberation in frequency response, which further enhanced the great sound of the sampled equipment.

A careful selection of the four microphones: an American dynamic microphone (model 57), an American ribbon microphone (model R10), a German FET condenser microphone (model 47) and a German dynamic microphone (model 421); accurately chosen microphone positions; an optimisation of the product in the development phase that guarantees a low consumption of CPU and the possibility of interacting with the plugin in a natural way and with minimal latency, and all this without affecting the sound quality in any way.